A few updates from the City about our shared future vision:

  • On Aug 7th, the Imagine Madison Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Common Council.  The final version of the Plan is available online (see link).
  • The Mayor’s Neighborhood Conference is on Sat Nov 17th at the Monona Terrace.  See the link for details.  Registration is $10 for the day. Lunch, Snacks, and Reception included.  There are two sessions directly related to Imagine Madison.
  • Through Imagine Madison, they planned for 70,000 new City of Madison residents by 2040. Dane County as a whole is expected to grow by about 150,000 people over a similar timeframe.  A Greater Madison Vision is an initiative to develop a shared vision and plan to guide public and private decisions about how the larger region – Dane County and surrounding communities – grows, to foster exceptional quality of life, economic opportunity, and a healthy environment for all. Go to greatermadisonvision.com to take a 10-minute online survey. You can explore four alternate futures considering housing, transportation, roads, rural preservation, water, and the environment, and provide your priorities on how the region should grow.

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